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OnGoing Coaching Circle, Act 1

Hi everybody!

Karine, french sociologist, born and raised in the countryside, I moved a lot and loved the change of scenery. I lived 8 years in Egypt while doing my PhD on youth issues in Cairo. And settled back in Bordeaux then Paris.

First, I’m a sociologist – meaning I’m driven by curiosity, imagination, poetry and wonders. And I’m also a wanderer. I love to explore, discover, embrace different points of view, comprehend and learn / experiment. I have a huge need to connect and to build shared actionable knowledge.

Explore and Make sense would be my motto

Second, I cherish conflict, we need conflict! We need to own our disagreement and make sense / built on our conflict (instead of burying them). Obviously, disagreement is a creative asset but also it really is a key component in cooperation process and as my fieldwork with NGO’s proved it: once you tackle the conflict and use it as a ressource it really empower people.

I work with social sector organizations and NGO’s on change management & project engineering and cooperation. And I specialize

  • in project facilitations (especially multi-stakeholders) the more the merrier :)

  • and conflict mediation mainly within small enterprises and social economy organizations.

I join PWN entrepreneur program to help me take the leap and develop a new and more congruente service offer around conflicts and cooperation. My project is about facilitating disagreement and conflicts for the better cooperation and meaningful projects

I’m actually working on my success action plan + why and would love to share with you - in my coaching circle - my guideposts for the sessions to come.

To be continued...


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